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My dear friends and family, I wanted to bring you some information of interest and perhaps you have thought of this in the past or perhaps it is new to you. Either way, I hope that you can be receptive to the following information. This particular blog will be dedicated to the concept of deception! My wish is to disseminate information so as to keep my friends and family informed on different issues.

Have you ever wondered who you are?  Who we are as a whole? Have you ever wondered – Of all the things you have been taught since childhood – which are true and which are total falsehoods? Have you ever given thought to the possibility of how your Politicians, your Religious Leaders, Your Teachers and others have lied to you over time; Now, Granted some have lied unknowingly, while others have lied to you deliberately with total intention!

I have always contended that we only know – that we don’t know! It is time to open our minds and become receptive to information which will allow us to understand our true reality. Simply because we cannot trust those who should be trusted to tell us the truth. It is a cosmic imperative we owe it to ourselves, our children and their children and to our Creator!

I will make an effort to either link or directly embed videos which may be lengthy but very worth watching. Videos and links which should open your eyes to information which has always been ours, but which has been kept from us.

I beg you to hold the course with me and be patient as I will attempt to guide you through a series of subjects that will be connected at some junction. I understand that some of you hold certain religious beliefs and or ideologies of some type. I still ask you to be patient even though the information I disseminate may contradict all which you have been taught or that which you have learned over time. Yes! Some of this information may be totally contradictory to all you know. I ask you to keep an open mind and allow what I bring to you as a piece of dialectical information which we can use as a platform to create a discourse on such subjects. I look forward to your comments and arguments.


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