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The Vaccination Program    

            In my efforts to attempt to elucidate you on the understanding of the vaccination program that started back in the mid 1950’s and on through this current time I have never been able to understand the rationale of our scientists who continually try to keep us in the dark about their sinister plans to destroy our DNA and our bodies. It is no coincidence that the cancer rates around the world have multiplied and specifically in the last 7 years those rates are out of control. What will the next decade bring about?

            A discombobulation of information which is disseminated by the powers that be have indicated that this is best for mankind, that the vaccines are best for all humans. Bill Gates has taken it upon himself to vaccinate the third world. What is the real agenda here – to dehumanize man, to keep him from finding GOD? YES I do believe this is the answer. There is no and can be no other conclusion.

            So then brothers and sisters, what is so important about destroying man’s DNA in order to keep him from GOD. Here is what is so important… The powers that be understand their time is running out and they have known this for some time now. Mankind must return to its creator and as stated before on my email threads – this can only be done if our DNA is kept in GOD-LIKE form. Here is the key for those who wish to understand – Christ is within you it’s very important to know this.

God in us!  

             If you have been following my threads on this subject you will know that this is only a continuation of those threads. If you recall the question which was posed to you then here is an additional connection. How are we connected to GOD? In the following I will make an attempt to correlate how at the atomic level, GOD our creator has put us together. I will have to presume that you have taken time to go through the links I had offered previously. I also ask you to make an effort to allow yourselves to let go of all the religious thoughts and beliefs previously embedded in your minds and to look at my observations with an open mind free of prejudice. These are after all my thoughts and observations and I offer them to you only as part of a discourse. I ask you to respond with your input.

            Going forward, in the past I have offered suggestions somewhat relating to this subject. I pray you have read those emails as well because all those will connect with this subject. The human, in its totality is nothing more than a carbon unit given life to it by its creator GOD. Blood, the fluid of life is what sustains us or we cannot exist.

             I ask you what mechanics are involved in our life process. I say to you the mechanics are harmonics, frequencies, MATH, numbers. It all comes down to numbers. I had conducted a test recently – where I had put a large speaker covered with a sheath. I had placed multicolored granules over the sheath and began to raise the volume. As the frequency increased the fine granules began to take shape  and I was so surprised by those shapes. 

            We know that the earth, its sister planets and the sun emits a certain frequency-this frequency is actually what we are tuned to. Our Bodies actually dance to this harmony. It is by no chance that in Music we have 7 notes which work along with 12 flat notes. Life all around us is a vibration we exist because of frequency. Don’t get too ahead of me. Yes! I am suggesting GOD is Math. I was not so surprised to find that in the bible we find numbers that are common to our existence. The number’s 7, 12, 33 as well as a few others.

            Allow me to suggest that maybe GOD actually exists within us or better said in us… This frequency music if you will is love. GOD’s love. If we stop hearing it or stop allowing it to direct us then we must expect the inevitable. On my next email expect me to make a correlation with the numbers 7,12,33, 144,000 and how those number affect us today. 

            I have been asked many times by different denominations over the years “If I believe in JESUS CHRIST or if I have accepted GOD into my life. I find this question so superfluous, oxymoronic and very frankly very imprudent. NO ONE should BELIEVE IN GOD!! WE SIMPLY should KNOW that GOD/ Jesus Christ exist! To be asked if one believes is contradictory to the WORD. We should know!

            Jacobs Ladder, He had a dream in which he saw a stairway resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven, and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it.  There above it stood the Lord, and he said: “I am the Lord, the God of your father Abraham and the God of Isaac. I will give you and your descendants the land on which you are lying. Genesis 28:”12-13a.

            There is much to be said about this ancient passage of scripture. Within it are the keys to many esoteric teachings and mysteries which have been hidden ages past that are now being revealed. In a previous writing we dealt with “Jacob’s Journey,” the journey of all humanity to meet God in the 7 Feasts or Experiences; consummating with Tabernacles, Fullness. In this teaching we will deal with the types, shadows, history and esoteric truth surrounding “Jacob’s Ladder.”

             THE CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH – Chapter One – MAN’S CAPACITY FOR GOD I. THE DESIRE FOR GOD. It is here where it is clear that it is not a question of believing. I don’t believe I can lift weights I KNOW I can! I don’t have to believe I can run I know I can. So I say to all Denomination don’t ask others if they believe ask them if they know!

             Returning to the “The Mystery of Numbers” In order to get a fuller understanding of “Jacob’s Ladder,” we must understand the mystery of numbers. Here I will share only enough to trigger your spirit. God has created a very elaborate system to conceal and reveal Himself, and His plan for all aspects of creation. This is an ancient mathematical system of numbers. Everything and everyone in the universe has a numeric value, even God. Once we learn, or remember how to decipher these numbers (because this information is in our spirit and DNA), we will understand.

              As in classical algebra or geometry, the Spirit uses symbols to conceal messages. each letter of the Hebrew alphabet is a symbol and have a numeric value. I can see by the Spirit that the time is very near that we will no longer read the Bible as we have in time past. As the knowledge of the glory of God increases, we will learn, or remember the heavenly mathematics – that are concealed within the Book of Life within our being. All of the history, prophecy, miracles and parables will take on a completely new meaning. For many this is already happening. It is the Spirit of God that is teaching us this mystical algebra and sacred equations.


“Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count…” Rev.13:18 “Look now toward heaven, and count the stars, if you are able to number them…” Gen.15:5 “And even the very hairs of your head are numbered.Matt. 10:30 Everything, even the sands of the sea are numbered.

“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.” Prov. 25:2 God can only be found by those who earnestly seek Him. The natural mind can not comprehend, it can only criticize. Anyone can have a religious or emotional experience. All have been invited to Salvation, whosoever will, let him come. Not all that come are sincerely eager to Search out the Matters That Are Concealed from the natural mind. This is the honor of Kings! The Priestly and Prophetic Anointing are great, but I feel a higher calling; Kingship. “Is there no king in you?” Micah 4:19 we are being given the honor to be initiated into the mysteries of the ages.

Since we are realizing that our Creator is very detail, and that all the stories of the Old and New Testament have a deeper meaning; have you ever wondered how many steps were on the Ladder? According to Josephus the historian, it was believed that this Ladder had 72 steps. The number 72 is sprinkled throughout both Old and New Testament, concealed from the eyes of those that only see the literal interpretation of scripture. Many times it is used in close association with the number 70.

The Hebrew words for wine (yayin), and secret (sode); both have the numeric value of 70. In the natural when one drinks wine, he is prone to reveal secrets. There are secrets that God spoke into your spirit when He knew you before you were formed in the womb. As we drink of the new wine (Spirit), we are given boldness and awareness to utter the mysteries of God. That which has been kept secret and limited to the chosen few is now being made available to all. The number 70 speaks of Revealing Secrets, Restoration and Council. It also speaks of Forgiveness, 70×7.

The first Mystery School of Prophets among Israel was made up of 70 of the tribes of Israel. Numbers 11 God took of Moses spirit and imparted onto them. “…They prophesied, and did not cease.” verse 25 they were able to tap into the supernatural realm. This was the Old Testament Sanhedrin (Council). In the NT Jesus called 70 other disciples besides the 12, and gave them power to works all kinds of miracles.

{Jacob’s Mystical 72 Step Ladder} The Number 72 The ancients say that Jacob’s Ladder had 72 steps. The number 72 denotes, Celestial Council, Fullness of the Nature (Name) of God and Resurrection. According to Hebrew history, each step on the Ladder represented a name of God, the 72 Names of God. It is called, The Shem hamphorash, meaning the unpronounceable name; which has the numerical value of 72. 

This name was too scared to be written and could only be spoken by few. The high priest on the Day of Atonement used this name to supernaturally transport from the Holy Place to the Holy of Holies. He was not limited by the 18 inches thick veil that hung in front of him. The prophetic Leviticus Choir chanted the YHWH with the sacred vowels to bring destruction on their enemies during warfare.  Chron. 20 and the king also had access to this name.

Jacob’s Ladder is a revelation of the most mysterious nature of God within man, the heights and depths of ascending and descending. Jesus Himself said that He is that Ladder. He is the Original Blueprint of biological manifestation of God’s DNA. John 1:51

In Numbers 11 we find that 70 men were called and anointed with the spirit of prophecy to lead the church in the wilderness. They were not led by human intellect, but by the spirit of prophecy. The spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus Christ. rev. 19:10 Aaron and Moses plus the 70. (2 + 70= 72). John the Baptist is preaching, preparing the way for Messiah. “And after these things the Lord appointed other 70 Luke 10:1 John the Baptist and Jesus plus 70 others. (2 + 70= 72). This is the New Testament Spiritual Sanhedrin (Council), showing the way back to Divine manifestation in human form. The literal Sanhedrin made up of mostly Sadducee, consisted of 2 clerks and 70 priest, 72. This was the Supreme Court of Israel. Most of the times only 71 were counting, so that when deliberating there would be an uneven number to prevent a hung jury.

According to history the Old Testament Hebrew was translated into Greek by 70-72 scholars, under the order of Ptolemy II. It is called, the Septuagint, meaning, of the 70. WHAT ABOUT THE 144,000? What’s in the number 144 or 144,00 ? 72 x 2=144. In Rev. 21:17, we find the measurement of the wall of the holy city, New Jerusalem. This is not a literal skyscraper city somewhere in another part of the universe that will one day float down to the Middle East. (That is a very dangerous and erroneous teaching.) verses 9-10 clearly states that the New Jerusalem is the Bride, the Lamb’s wife. Furthermore, Jesus told us that we are the city set on a hill.

The measurements of the wall, (realm) in this metaphysical city is 144 cubits. 144 cubits = 300 ft or 72 yards, this is the measure of a man. God has given us the 5-fold Ministry to grow us up “unto a Perfect (complete-mature) Man, unto the Measure of the stature of the Fullness of Christ.” Ephesians 4:13 As stated early, 72 denotes Fullness.

At the end of Revelation 13 we are introduced to the mark, name and number of the beast, which certain individuals will have IN, not on their right hand or forehead. Revelation 14 opens with the 144,000 on a Mystical Place of Worship called Mt. Zion, they have their Father’s name written IN their foreheads.

These are Initiates of the Cosmic Mystery School of Prophets. They have ascended to the Mt. Zion Experience by way of Jacobs Ladder. Changing the sequences that dictates physical limitations and death, step by step taking on the divine names/attributes of God (When we descended to come to this lower vibration, we forget those names each step spiraling downward). The 144,000 – Symbolic of the 72 Initiates during Moses time and the 72 Initiates during Jesus time. 1000 denotes rest from the works of the flesh: also a number of no end.

The 144,000 are the Sons and Daughters of God, the Man-child. A people no longer striving in themselves, they are redeemed from the earth, no longer bound by the drives of the earth nature/flesh. They are not taken off the earth. They are not contaminated by women (religious, carnal teachings, traditions), they are spiritual virgins. They are God’s Tithe, not following man, but the Lamb. They have tapped into the Christ within and are expressing Him. Another interesting thing, they have harps. The harp is associated with the prophetic, utterance of mysteries and dark sayings. Psalms.78:2-3 The 144,000 are singing a song that no carnally minded person can learn. This is the sacred song that the ancient prophetic Levitical Choir sang. They sang the un-producible name of God.

The Tetragramation (YHWH) using the 7-10 mystical vowels – all 72 names of God which equals 72. We thank God for giving us the name, Jesus (Yahshua), and all that it stands for. He said that there would be a group of Initiates that he would reveal His new name unto. Rev. 3:12 Of course nothing is new to God, but it would be new to us. Could that be the most hallowed 72 names in one Name, the mystery of God within man expressed?? This 144,000 have the name “IN” their forehead, which means, they are operating out of the Divine Mind. Listen with your hearts and souls allow the mind to guide you! 

The Sacred Secret that was hidden from the nations in the past has been revealed to us. Paul was a Hebrew and he was also a Jew.  It’s very important to know who Paul is.  It’s not a literal person. It’s esoteric wisdom!  Whoever it was, it may have been a bunch of guys, it may have been a school, it may have been Apollo, because that’s what it means.  There are four castes according to the freemasons.  We live under a free Masonic system whether you like it or not.  According to this system, there are four spiritual castes of humanity. There are Hebrews at the top, and there is a caste above that – it’s called the perfected ones, and there are very, very few of those.  And then the Jews, and then the Israelites and guess who’s way, way down at the bottom?  Christians,  They’re the foot soldiers.  “Off you go to war.  We will make the uniforms as we’ve done before.”  It’s not a race, it’s a caste. Paul was a Hebrew and a Jew but he was not aware of the Telios rank above him but he was definitely one of these free masons who knew the Secret Science.  And the Sacred secret is the Christ within, not the Christ without because there never was one.”  

“There was never a 3rd party savior.  That was an invention of Rome.  That’s a 3rd party debt collector (through tithing the church). The justice system, when they herd you into court for their inquisition, they love the bible.  It will enslave you or it will free you and they use it for enslavement.  They use it for their god, Saturn, and that’s why they want you to swear on the bible because they’re going to get you with it. They know the esoteric, historical Christ, the 3rd party debt collector, is the one who they swear on to collect all of their taxes and their “donations”.” 

“The moon is the church and she turns humans, literally, into animals because she is the guardian of the first ring, the first heaven and when our soul seeks to ascend (it’s not the rapture that the Christians are talking about, ascension is within.  When the soul seeks to ascend, the moon is the first guardian and then there’s second heaven and Mercury guards that heaven..,. and then Venus, the Sun, Mars and then Jupiter, the “good Jupiter” and then Saturn. They are the rings that which our soul departs from on back to Uranus, the Father of Saturn.  Back to the heavens whence we came.  But the moon, she’s down at the bottoms and she’s bouncing souls back to the Earth as animals, literally.  Some of them incarnate as human beings but inside they are still, what the hermeticists call “unconscious human beasts” and these are the ones running around… the politicians, lawyers, judges and all of these scum of the earth.  They operate a system that is putrid, evil, vile and foul and it’s about to be pulled down by consciousness. They’re criminals and in the churches, they’re doing the same thing. The church is turning those church-going buffoons that go to church for Jesus, the historical 3rd part debt collector and the savior that will never save because they don’t know the Sacred Secret that Paul was talking about which is the Christ within.”

“Under the inner cerebrum is the colostrum, otherwise known as the Holy colostrum because it secrets is a fluid.  Secretion and secret are the same word. The fluid goes through the pineal gland and the pituitary gland  and differentiated into an electrical forceThere are three nerves which go down the spinal column and they are the spinal cord, the pingala and the ida.  The pingala comes from the pineal gland  and it is electric and male and it goes down the spinal cord.”

“On the other side is the pituitary gland, it is feminine and it is “Mary”… “Jospeh and Mary, the honey and the milk because they secrete honey and milk, respectively.  She sends down a magnetic energy.  The fluid goes all the way down to the sacral chakra, the second bottom chakra, below the solar plexus.  Sacral is the word secret and the secret is upstairs in heaven, in the cerebrum, the holy colostrum, or in other words, the Santa Colos-trum and you’ve got to go all the way down the chimney to bring the present down to the sacred place where the sacred plexus is connected to the five sacral bones of the 33 vertebrae.”  

” There are 5 sections of the vertebrae.  The second most bottom section is 5 fused vertebrae called the “sacrum vertebrae”, so this is the “Sacred Secret”.  Every 29 and a half days, the moon will be in the sign that your sun was in when you were born. When the moon is there, in that fluid there is a seed born and it’s born in the solar plexus   So every month, when the moon is in your sun sign, that “germ” is placed in Bethlehem.  Bethlehem is the solar plexus.  It’s the Virgo in the 3rd chakra, the solar plexus, the belly region.  That’s Bethlehem, the house of bread.  Virgo is the one who has the sheath of grain in her hands. Beth means “house” and lehem means “bread”.  She is the virgin mother of the child, that seed that is born in the solar plexus every month.  If we eat the fruit, drink alcohol or have sex during that time of the month, the seed is wasted, gone forever.  The male with the orgasm has just wasted the seed and he has spoiled that Christos secretion that came from Santa Claus, the colostrum, differentiated by the two parents of the child, Joseph and Mary who are awaiting the return of the Christ.  If you don’t waste that Christ seed, you are able to then transmute that seed as it proceeds ever upward and returns whence it came.”

           “What happens eventually is this fluid comes to a place called the pons and the medulla oblongata, which is one of the four brains of the human being.  We have the cerebrum, cerebellum, medulla oblongata and the solar plexus.  When it arrives there, it crosses the pneumogastric nerve: pneumo menaing air, or the lungs and gastric is the stomach.  So this is the nerve that supplies the  stomach and the lungs.  If you look at it, it looks like a tree. And both of those nerves come from the pineal gland and the pituitary gland in one of the four chambers called the four ventricles in the brain.  In between those two glands is the optic thalamus.”

           When the oil rises… the mercury in the thermometer…  and it passes the pneumogastric nerve, it gets “crucified”.  Joseph and Mary are happy that their son is crucified because unless he is crucified, he cannot save the world.  You cannot be saved unless that oil touches the optic thalamus, which is shaped like an egg.  The Greeks called it,the light of the world”.  That’s why Jesus said, “I’m the light of the world.  No one goes through the father except through me” because the Father is the Cerebrum and we are longing to return to that part, to ascend.  Because Aries dwells there, Aries is the right brain; Taurus is the left brain, the cerebellum.  The medulla oblongata is the 3rd brain and the bottom brain, the solar plexus, is where most of humanity is still dwelling because they can’t get past Bethlehem.  They can’t save that seed because they have been living riotously like the Prodigal Son and squandering that seed like Onan, the son of Judah… the son of Israel did with his seed and he was killed for it.”

          I offer you this information only to entertain you I do ask that you not believe a word stated here I actually ask that you do your own research and that you consider doing further reading on your own. As before if you wish to continue this discourse simply respond with your feedback.  This information is referenced throughout Santos Bonacci’s Videos. 


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